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We are happy to inspire children and adults to discover the world around us with the help of the best learning apps. Join our expedition in various fields of knowledge - from deep space and geography of our planet to anatomy and foreign languages.

With eTerra you will discover a lot of interesting facts about everyday things, you will be able to learn and develop new skills. Educational apps for every taste are the best way to learn!

Geography 3D

Travel around the world, discover interesting places and landmarks of the planet Earth with our interactive globe. Made especially for children and teenagers, our colorful educational 3D atlas will become their favorite way to learn geography.

Globe Geography is not only an educational world map but a unique offline guide to various interesting places on Earth. You can rotate and zoom the globe to find places of interest or places to visit. Every landmark and monument on the world map has a detailed description, which makes traveling the world most entertaining and enlightening. Discover planet Earth from your home: all wonders of the world, political map, natural areas, climate and relief maps — learning geography has never been so fun! Try easy way to visit famous places and monuments for the whole family.

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Stellar Sky

Go across the universe and learn about numerous constellations with our interactive map of the night sky. Go beyond the solar system and the Milky way to explore the farthest corners of space without leaving Earth.

Stellar Sky helps you to get familiar with bright stars and space objects in the Milky Way and other galaxies of the universe. Every constellation on our interactive map has a full description and a scheme that will help you to find it on the night sky.
In the solar system mode, you can take a look at the nearest planets to Earth and learn about them.

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Human Body

Explore human anatomy with our interactive 3D-model of the human body. Study skeleton and every body system, observe 3D organ models with our complete anatomy guide. Switch to amazing AR mode and put anatomy models anywhere around you in augmented reality.

Discover Human Body AR is a unique atlas of the human body that will help you with your biology and anatomy studies. It is a complete anatomy atlas which includes skeleton, all body systems and organs. What an excellent help for your human anatomy and biology studies!

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Master of Typing: Tutor

Master of Typing 2: Challenge

Master of Typing 3: Practice

Master of Typing: Kids

Master of Typing in Chinese

How to type quickly without making mistakes? Our touch typing simulator Master of Typing will help you with this. Speed ​​up your typing right now!
Compete in your typing speed against other users in Master of Typing 2: Challenge. Become a typing champion!
Take the speed test and train your touch typing skills with Master of Typing 3: Practice. Learn to type using all 10 fingers at the same time.
Help your child master the keyboard with Master of Typing for Kids. The version is specially designed for children 7-12 years old.
If you are studying Chinese language, the Master of Typing in Chinese version will help you master the pinyin keyboard.